“Your life and death are both great gifts, for together they make all creation." - Ravana scripture

The primordial mother goddess of entropy and devouring, Ravana is the patron of darkness, death, night, and loss. Forever committed to destroying Calador and variously killing, consuming, or begging reconciliation with Elenath. Ravana’s clerics are openly respected as embalmers and counselors of the dead. As goddess of all that occurs in darkness, she is also claimed as a patron by assassins, thieves, and prostitutes. Temples of Ravana often include hospices for the dying and shelters for lepers and plague.

Some say that, as Elenath was born from Ravana’s darkness, then she is the true Allmother, and to her all things do indeed return. As an elder, primordial deity, Ravana taps into arcane power through the Shadow Weave, the ghost web of shadow-magic created from the blood shed when Elenath tore The Aurora from her own essence to wound her. As she fled into the darkest depths of the earth to nurse her wounds, Ravana is also goddess of the Underdark, and the dark elves claim themselves her special children.

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