Creation Edit

There must be light to create darkness, and so they came into being together, light and dark, day and night, Elenath and Ravana. And neither was more powerful than the other, for together they created a world in balance, Terielle

But while Elenath and Ravana had each other, Terielle was alone, and so she begged them for light and warmth to bring to life. Moved by her pleas, Elenath created the sun from the fire inside her heart, and his name was Calador. Terielle loved Calador, and bore him a child, Lyssa, who was beautiful and willful.

This enraged Ravana. A being of pure light skewed the balance of the world, which she and Elenath had always shared, and she used the cold in her heart to strike at Calador, cursing him with death. But Ravana’s darkness could not totally extinguish the light of Elenath, and Calador rose, living and dying again and again, never free of his wounds, but never overcome by them.

As Ravana gathered her strength to try again, Elenath threw herself against her. The two battled for an age, with neither able to best the other, until finally Elenath tore out a piece of her own spirit and created The Aurora, the essence of Magic. Not to be outdone, Ravana created Tiamat, her agent of destruction, and set her loose upon the world. The Aurora bound Elenath and Ravana together, locked in the endless battle of night and day, dark and light. 

Calador never healed from his wounds. When Elenath is prominent, in warmer months, he is young and beautiful, sweet and generous in spirit, and Terielle celebrates by filling the world with fruit and flowers and all manner of life. But in the winter months, when Ravana rises in power, Calador ages and dies to become the skeletal god of justice reaped and judge of the dead. As she mourns, Terielle becomes cold and barren, until her lover is reborn in Spring.

To comfort Terielle, The Aurora created Melora, a unicorn, to bless all the world’s wild places, and to soothe the sea. When Tiamat saw Melora, she created Maugrin in the likeness of a great bear, to hunt her, and she leads him eternally on a merry chase.

Terielle and Calador had two children, Ghend, who inspires creation and invention, and Avandra, who blesses travelers, traders, and adventurers. But Terielle loves Calador, even in winter, and she bore him a daughter, Oghma the wise, and a son, Tyros the fierce. 

Tiamat also has a child, Lucien, borne to embody the spirit of trickery and shadow. 

Together, the gods keep the world in balance, light and dark, order and chaos, beauty and horror, for eternity. 

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