Arûna Eròth Edit

The Blessed Land Edit

Arûna Eròth, located in northern Terielle, is home to the twelve dwarf clans. The Mountain Dwarves live in the Great Mountain, Enketigoroth, and the Hill Dwarves live in the surrounding lands.

Alyzdrâth - the forest home of the Merrywood Clan, located on the boarder of Arûna Eròth and the Shire.

Aznân-aban - The dark, shadowy home of the Duskrock Clan.

Kalilfulk - Home to the Frostforge clan. Located on the island of Abanfel, which is separated from mainland Arûna Eròth by the Ghendsweld Channel.

Saâr Shekhar - the second largest city in Arûna Eròth, and home to the Stormbrew clan. A frequent target of lightning strikes, this busy city hosts travelers from all over Terielle, and supports a thriving Gnome district,  Nòmkyth.

Taragmelach - located on the western coast of Arûna Eròth, Taragmelach is home to the Saltbeard clan.

Terefzartoth - The Quarrykin dwarves founded Terefzartoth inside their bustling quarry, where they excavate the finest marble in all of Terielle.

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